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(Kiss Kiss Kill Kill) Kommissar X Jagd Auf Unbekannt  (1966)  A great spy thriller (the first in the "Kommissar X" series) starring the team of Brad Harris and Tony Kendall, (Luciano Stella), Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parolini), Maria Perschy and Olivera Vuco. A nuclear scientist is missing and his beautiful daughter hires detective Joe Walker to find him. Based on the book "Kommissioner X" by Bert E. Island. Also stars Christa Linder, Nikola Popovic, Pino Mattei, Joseph Matthews, and Maria Perschy. Directed by Frank Perry (Gianfranco Parolini) (1968-Italy/German/Yugoslavia) Widescreen, in English.

(So Darling So Deadly)  Kommissar X Den Klauen Des Goldenen Drachen (Agent Joe Walker: Operation Far East) With Tony Kendall & Brad Harris.  In this detective outing, two Yankee investigators must fight the Golden Dragon to retrieve a powerful atomic weapon.

(Death Is Nimble Death Is Quick)  Kommissar X Drei Gelbe Katzen" with Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella) Brad Harris.  An American heiress is rescued from the wilds of Ceylon jungles and "new world" cities by 2 Americans. European he-men Brad Harris and Tony Kendall team to investigate a murder in Ceylon, where they find themselves battling the sinister Three Yellow Cats crime organization. Muscleman Dan Vadis also stars in this entry in the espionage series based on the "Kommissar X" books from Germany.

(Kill Panther Kill) Kommissar X Drei Blaue Panther  (KX3 Blue Panther) The fifth film in the "Kommissar X" action series starring the team of Tony Kendall and muscleman Brad Harris. This film directed by veteran director Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parolini) of a traveling rodeo, whose employees are thieves. Also stars Corny Collins, Hannelor Auer, Erika Blanc, Franco Fantasia. Written by Robert F. Atkinson based on the novel by Bert F. Island. (1968-Germany/Italy)

(Tiger Gang) KOMMISSAR X: JAGT DIE ROTEN TIGER (Trans. Commissioner X Chases The Red Tigers.)  During the late 60’s Tony Kendall and Brad Harris teamed up for seven Kommissar X spy films. This, the last one in the series, is set in India. Also stars Gisela Hahn, Rainer Basedow and Ali Mohd. Directed by Harald Reinl. (1971-German/Italy/Pakistan)

(Death Trip) Kommissar X Drei Grüne Hunde (Kommissar X Three Green Dogs) (Soft Kill) (Kommissar X Halts the LSD) (Kill Me Gently)

(Island of Lost Girls)  Kommissar X - Drei goldene Schlangen  (1968) (USA)