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This 1965 German/Italian James Bond spoof would be a great discovery with the current Austin Powers' craze. The `lost film' hasn't been seen since it gained its greatest American exposure in the mid 1970s on late night TV. If you were one of the few who caught a 3:00 am showing consider yourself lucky. The Euro-spy film stars Hellmut Lange as Agent 006 and a half, and Tony Kendall from the Kommissar X films. Lange's mission is to retrieve a laser device from the bad guys and claim it for his own country. Barbara Lass, the unforgettable star of Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory, is the woman in the case. While Bond has Goldfinger, this film features Goldfeather, a bikini clad secret agent played by Heidelinde Weis. The film has it's share of gadgets and even includes a dynamite breakfast roll. Lange plays Agent John Krim who is pursued across the US before being caught in the Nevada desert. The chase sequences are fun to watch, and the one-line quips in the English dubbed version are hilarious. Actor Hellmut Lange often speaks in 3rd person during much of this satire which provides plenty of laughs. Hellmut Lange: "Buckle down John Krim and get busy. Flirting's forbidden in America. Get the latest Playboy and take it easy" Lange is debonair and sophisticated and never has any lack of confidence with the girls. Lange: "The one thing that I do remember is that we kissed." Barbara Lass: "But what if we did? It doesn't mean a thing. A kiss is just a kiss.' Lange: "Not when it's John Krim who does the kissing." This may be the Holy Grail of the '60's Spaghetti Spy films. Hopefully Serenade For Two Spies will be re-discovered by a new generation of movie fans.

"I saw this film on late night TV.  I remember the Pepino gang chasing our hero up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco.  The film aired only once in New York back when the networks would show movies all night long, many of them were European or Japanese films, spy, comedy, romance or horror, but I would like to see 'Serenade For Two Spies' again...a rare treat like the original OSS-117 Film."  Glenn Crespo, New York City.